About Us


Here at Cryptoeagles Collection our goal is to provide products that offer you an enjoyable experience. Since your experience is our number one priority, we strive to use only high quality products and have chosen only products that are well reviewed by customers thus providing a proven track record for product quality. All designs on this site have been designed by us, this helps us promote new coin projects by promoting coins to all people.  


Cryptoeagles Collection was founded on the realization that there are not many options available to acquire high quality cryptocurrency products. Since cryptocurrency is reliant on all of us in the crypto community to spread the word, we decided a clothing and product line dedicated to crypto was the best way to promote it.

The founder started his crypto journey as a trader/investor, Litecoin was his first cryptocurrency coin followed by Ripple. After trading and researching crypto for a short time he realized it's going to be one of the main forms of currency in the world. In addition, blockchain technology provides so many benefits for the world. He decided to mine Etherium, after mining and trading he got involved with ICO's, which lead him to Discord where some of you will know him as Cryptoeagle. On Discord he works as a Cryptocurrency promoter and loves spreading the crypto word. He also works as admin on several new cryptocurrency projects. This experience has lead to the awareness that new crypto projects and cryptocurrency need more avenues of promotion that go beyond online presence and into in local communities.